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Intelligent Design Network, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that seeks institutional objectivity in origins science.

Objectivity results from the use of the scientific method without philosophic or religious assumptions in seeking answers to the question: Where do we come from?

We believe objectivity in the institutions of science, government and the media will lead not only to good origins science, but also to constitutional neutrality in this subjective, historical science that unavoidably impacts religion. We promote the scientific evidence of intelligent design because proper consideration of that evidence is necessary to achieve not only scientific objectivity but also constitutional neutrality.

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Intelligent Design / Teleology

Teleology is the study of design in nature.
It dates back at least to Socrates, who in the 5th Century BC concluded that the design of the eye was far more sophisticated than that of the craftsman who had built his desk and therefore appears to be the product of a mind. Its modern version is often referred to as Intelligent Design (ID).

ID holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than an undirected process such as natural selection. ID is thus a scientific disagreement with the core claim of evolutionary theory that the apparent design of living systems is an illusion that can be adequately explained by only the natural sorting of random mutations.

In a broader sense, Intelligent Design is simply the science of design detection -- how to recognize patterns arranged by an intelligent cause for a purpose. Design detection is used in a number of scientific fields, including anthropology, forensic sciences that seek to explain the cause of events such as a death or fire, cryptanalysis and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). An inference that certain biological information may be the product of an intelligent cause can be tested or evaluated in the same manner as scientists daily test for design in other sciences.

ID is controversial because of the religious implications of its evidence, rather than the significant weight of its evidence. ID proponents believe science should be conducted objectively, without regard to the implications of its findings. This is particularly necessary in origins science because of its historical (and thus very subjective) nature, and because it is a science that unavoidably impacts religion.

Positive evidence of design in living systems consists of the semantic, meaningful or functional nature of biological information, the lack of any known law that can explain the sequence of symbols that carry the "messages," and statistical and experimental evidence that tends to rule out chance as a plausible explanation. Other evidence challenges the adequacy of natural or material causes to explain both the origin and diversity of life.

Intelligent Design is an intellectual movement that includes a scientific research program for investigating intelligent causes and that challenges naturalistic explanations of origins which currently drive science education and research.


Science Standards Challenged

Citizens for Objective Public Education (COPE) files complaint to require objectivity in Next Generation Science Standards.

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In 2005 a Committee of the Kansas State Board of Education held hearings about objective vs materialistic science standards.  Read about the testimony of 23 scientists, philosophers, educators and a constitutional lawyer--19 of which hold doctoral degrees--and how it was opposed by modern institutions of science.

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