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Darwin, Design & Democracy III
Teaching Origins Science Objectively
July 26 and 27, 2002

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Tapes 1 through 8 are offered in both audio and video formats.
Tapes 9 through 19 record concurrent sessions in Audio Tape Format Only.
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1. Jack Cashill, Ph.D. - Darwin Does Hollywood: Naturalism in the American Movies
2. Jonathan Wells, Ph.D. - Presenting Evolution Objectively: A "How To" for Tenth Grade Biology
3. William Harris, Ph.D. - From Goo to You via the Zoo: Teaching About the Origin of Life in High School
4.  Michael Behe, Ph.D. - Mouse Traps and Molecules: Teaching Evolutionary Mechanisms and the Challenge of Irreducible Complexity
5 J.P. Moreland, PhD - The Impact of Origins Science on Religion - Straight Talk with a School Board
6. John Calvert, J.D. - Why should a School Board need to defend objective Origins Science?
7. The Rule - A one act play about the trial of a biology teacher who seeks to teach origins science objectively.
8. Panel Discussion - John C. (Woody) Cozad, J.D., Moderator - What should the State tell kids about where we come from? Should only naturalistic explanations be allowed? (two audio tapes)
9. Paul Ackerman, Ph.D., An ID based critique of Stephen Pinker's national bestseller," How the Mind Works"
10. Kirk Durston, M.A., A method to detect intelligent design: Dembski's ExplanatoryFilter    
11. Mark Edwards, Director Media Relations, Discovery Institute, Communicating Effectively with the Media about Origins Science
12. Michael Keas, Ph.D., Teaching the Cambrian Explosion: Multiple Competing Hypotheses
13. Denis Lamoureux, Ph.D., Beyond the 'Evolution vs. Creation' Debate: why casting the origins debate in a simple warfare model of "Evolution vs. Creation" or "Science vs. Religion" falls far short of understanding the issues and only adds confusion to the discussion
14. Robert Lattimer, Ph.D., The Ohio Firestorm of 2002
15. Casey Luskin, M.S., How to promote intelligent design through student clubs: start an 'IDEA Club'
16. Scott A. Minnich, Ph.D., Teaching Irreducible Complexity at the College Level - State of the Criticism
17. Mano Singham, Ph.D., Why Intelligent Design Does Not Belong in School Science Standards
18. John R. Staver, Ed.D., Methodological Naturalism: What It Is and What It Is Not
19. Frank Turek, M.A., Speaking to School Boards and Legislatures about Origins Science
Each order comes with a FREE copy of the script of The Rule!  

Audio Tapes are $5.00 each for orders of two or less and $4.00 each for three or more. A complete set of 21 Audio Tapes is $65.00.
Video Tapes are $12.00 each for two or less and $10.00 each for three or more. A set of all 8 video tapes is $65.00.

A SCHOOL BOARD SET consisting of the Wells, Harris, Behe, Moreland, Calvert and The Rule (Drama) presentations are $50 for all six videos and $20 for all six audio tapes. The tapes of the Drs. Wells, Harris and Behe presentations demonstrate how origin of life, evidence of evolution, and evolutionary mechanisms can be taught objectively at a 10th grade level. Dr. Moreland's presentation explains why objectivity is scientifically and religiously necessary and appropriate. John Calvert, a lawyer, explains why objective origins science is not only responsive to the needs of parents, but legally necessary. The Rule is a one act play that demonstrates the issues and how a school board can reach an appropriate resolution of the controversy.

A CONCURRENT SESSION SET consisting of 11 audio tapes of the 11 concurrent sessions is $40. Those who attended the entire symposium could only attend two of the 11 concurrent sessions. If you want to hear the rest as well as have a tape of the two you attended, you may want to check this option. These sessions contain a wealth of information about various aspects of intelligent design and the controversy about how to teach and conduct origins science.

TWO HOUR MODERATED DEBATE SET discussing:What should the State tell kids about where we come from?  Should only naturalistic explanations be allowed?  This historic debate, moderated by John C. (Woody) Cozad, J.D., pits top ID experts against a similar coalition of experts who favor an "Evolution ONLY" approach to origins science. The panelists are  Michael Behe, Ph.D., John Calvert, J.D., J.P. Moreland, Ph.D., and Jonathan Wells, Ph.D. on the ID side and  Steven Gey, J.D., Denis Lamoureux, Ph.D.,  Mano Singham, Ph.D., and John Staver, Ed.D., on the Evolution ONLY side.  The Video tape is $12 and a two-tape set of audio tapes is $8.00.

and get a FREE copy of the script of The Rule!  

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