The Art of Jody Sjogren
and the 

Metamorphosis II: Falconfyre (above)

Eagle's Eye (above)

The artwork at the left symbolizes the design inference - the famous Watchmaker Argument - in modern terms. The complexity and functional design of these flying machines are explained by the work of the intelligent engineers and aircraft designers who built them. By analogy, one logically observes that the birds, which exhibit biological complexity and functional design on a level far greater than that of man-made machines, are also the product of intelligent design.


In "Metamorphosis II: Falconfyre," by artist Jody F. Sjogren, two of the world's most accomplished aerial predators symbolically converge. The Peregrine Falcon, prized for centuries by falconers and famous for its spectacular performance as a bird hunter, transforms into the aircraft
that bears its name, the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Both birds are the epitome of their kind: powerful, majestic, highly specialized, combining the highest powers of speed and maneuverability with massive, warlike strength. "Falconfyre" expresses that irresistible association between a flying creature and a flying machine, suggesting what is logically
obvious to all: they are both the products of intelligence and design.

Eagle's Eye:

The Bald Eagle - America's symbol of peace and freedom. The F-15 Eagle - America's ultimate air-superiority fighter. Two birds brilliantly adapted to their elements, both a part of America's heritage and defense, converge in this work by artist Jody F. Sjogren. "Metamorphosis III: Eagle's Eye" is a vision of the power and majesty of
the unrivaled bird of prey and its strategic military counterpart. From the great winged predator to the most powerful guardian of freedom in the skies, both birds show the evidence of intelligent design and purposeful function in their complexity, beauty, and power.

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