IDnet Officers

John H. Calvert,
J.D., B.A.

John H. Calvert J.D., B.A. (Geology)
Managing Director 

John H. Calvert, JD, is a lawyer and a Managing Director of Intelligent Design network, inc. He was engaged in corporate finance and business litigation with Lathrop Gage L.C., of Kansas City for 32 years. Since 2000 his legal practice has focused on constitutional requirements for teaching origins science in public schools. He received his first degree in Geology and has practiced geology in a number of legal engagements involving mining and the oil and gas industry and has studied structural geology and paleontology as he has traveled throughout the world. He has been actively involved in the debate in Kansas, Ohio, Georgia, California, Missouri, Minnesota, North Carolina, West Virginia, Montana, New Mexico and other areas of the U.S. over the definition of science, the content of Science Education Standards, and academic freedom legislation.

He has provided advice and counsel to school boards, school administrators and science teachers regarding the teaching of origins science. In May 2005 he presented 23 expert witnesses during hearings before the Kansas State Board of Education regarding changes to the Kansas Science Standards that were subsequently adopted. He is the author of a number of legal opinions and memoranda about teaching origins that have been furnished to a variety of public school entities.

He has also spoken at a number of public events and in a number of venues about the matter. He is a graduate of the Litigation Academy of the Alliance Defense Fund and is a member of the Honor Guard of that organization and is a member of other frims specializing in religious liberty, including the Pacific Justice Institute.

He is the author of: Human Rights in a Secular State Will Depend on its Legal Definition of Religion. Chapter 5 of Legitimizing Human Rights, Angus Menuge, Editor (Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013); Kitzmiller's Error: Using an Exclusive Rather Than an Inclusive Definition of Religion, 3 Liberty University Law Review 213-328 (Spring 2009); Atheism: A Stealth Religion, (WorldNetDaily, September 25, 2010); A New Age of Religious Discrimination, (WorldNetDaily, August 3, 2010); Are we Designs or Occurrences? Should Science and Government Prejudge the Question? (WorldNetDaily, Whistle Blower, Vol 14, No. 8. pp. 24-33, August 2005); John H. Calvert, Intelligent Design is Good Science, in Issues on Trial: Education 137-43 (Robert Winters, ed., Greenhaven Press 2008); and a co-author of Teaching Origins Science in Public Schools (IDnet 2001); Intelligent Design: The Scientific Alternative to Evolution (National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, Vol 3, No. 3, Autumn 2003); and The Rule: A one-act play about the trial of a biology teacher (IDnet 2003).

Mr. Calvert is a member of the American Bar Association and Missouri Bar Association and has been admitted to practice in Federal and state courts.


William S.
Harris, Ph.D.


William S. Harris, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Director 

William S. Harris, PhD is a native of Kansas City with an undergraduate degree from Hanover College in Chemistry and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. He has been conducting medical and scientific research for the last 30 years and has over 150 scientific papers. With regards to origins issues, he believes that the central dogma of Darwinism - that highly complex systems developed by random chance and environmental pressure from simple, ancestral life-forms - remains highly speculative and statistically problematic. His view is that a design (non-chance)-based theory of origins is more consistent with the evidence.

Mr. Harris is co-author (with John H. Calvert, JD) of Intelligent Design: The Scientific Alternative to Evolution (National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, Autumn 2003)


Joseph D.

Joseph D. Renick, M.S.
Executive Director, IDnet of New Mexico

Joseph Renick graduated in 1960 from Texas A&M with BS in Aeronautical Engineering and served nine years active duty with the USAF, accumulating 2300 hours flying time, including 1500 hours in the F-102A and F-104A. He served an additional 17 years in the Air Force Reserves and retired with the rank of Lt Col. He received his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in 1971 and was immediately employed by the Air Force Weapons Laboratory in Albuquerque, NM as a Mechanical Engineer working in the area of nuclear weapon blast and shock effects simulation.

In 1991 he was assigned to the Defense Nuclear Agency in Albuquerque where he was given responsibility for testing of advanced weapons and tactics to improve our capability to defeat hardened bunkers. He retired from the government as a GM-15 in 1993 and began work with Logicon Research and Development Associates (now Northrop Grumman) where he is currently employed. His position with Northrop Grumman is Senior Research Scientist where he continues work in the area of testing and evaluation of weapons, advanced weapon employment tactics, and development of advanced weapons effects models.

Roddy Bullock

Roddy Bullock, J.D., BSME
Executive Director,
IDnet of Ohio

In addition to practicing patent law with a Fortune 100 corporation in Cincinnati, Mr. Bullock is a degreed mechanical engineer (BSME and JD from The University of Texas, Austin) and an author.  Married with four children raised in public schools, Mr. Bullock has a passion for excellence in science education in Ohio and around the nation.

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