For a detailed list of books, DVD's, videos, audio tapes and other publications regarding Intelligent Design we recommend that you visit: the Access Research Network site.

For a number of scientific papers and articles regarding origins science we recommend that you visit the web site of the Discovery Institute.

The following publications are available at this web site:

:: Human Rights Entitlements in a Secular State Depend on Its Use of an Inclusive Definition of Religion, A paper presented by John H. Calvert at the XXV World Congress on the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy in Frankfurt, DE on August 16, 2011.

:: Summary of: John Calvert, Kitzmiller's Error: Using an exclusive rather than inclusive definition of religion, Liberty University Law Review, Vol 3, No. 2, pp 213-328 (Spring 2009)

:: Kitzmiller's Error: Using an Exclusive Rather Than an Inclusive Definition of Religion, by John H. Calvert, 3 Liberty University Law Review 213 (Spring 2009)

:: Intelligent Design BookMark   Download the front and back of a BookMark that can be handed to any audience as a summary explanation of Intelligent Design.

The BookMark can be printed two-sided on stiff letter size stock and cut into 4 bookmarks per page. A 15-page article, We have no Excuse: A scientific case for relating life to mind, explains in detail the content of the BookMark. Permission is granted to reproduce the BookMark and We have no Excuse article for educational purposes.

:: A New Age of Religious Discrimination, by John H. Calvert, WorldNetDaily, Exclusive Commentary (August 3, 2010)

:: Atheism: A Stealth Religion, by John H. Calvert, WorldNetDaily, Exclusive Commentary (September 25, 2010)

:: Christmas Advertising Reported by ABC News During 2010 Christmas Season Illustrating Basic Tenets of Atheism

:: We have no excuse: The scientific case for relating life to mind, by Robert Deyes and John Calvert, (November 28, 2009) 

:: Resurrection, The Rebirth of an Old Religion,  by John H. Calvert, J.D., February 12, 2009

:: Kitzmiller's Error: Using an exclusive rather than inclusive definition of religion. Remarks of John H. Calvert, J.D. at a symposia on Intelligent Design and the law at Liberty University School of Law, February 6, 2007

:: The Radar of Evolutionary Biology - An Odd Device to Use in Science, by John Calvert, July 28, 2008

:: Intelligent Design is Good Science, Robert Winters, Editor, Intelligent Design is Good Science (Issues on Trial: Education, p. 137-143, Greenhaven Press, 2008), reprinted from John Calvert, Intelligent Design for Dummies, August 2006.

:: Melding God and Materialism: A three part review and commentary on "The Language of God: a Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief" by Francis Collins,  by John H. Calvert (Intelligent Design network, November 22, 2006) 

:: Intelligent Design: The Scientific Alternative to Evolution, by William S. Harris, Ph.D. and John H. Calvert, J.D. (National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, Autumn 2003).

:: There is no conflict between institutionally objective science and religion. Remarks of John H. Calvert, Esq.. Presented on April 29, 2006, at the Northern District of California Judicial Conference Litigating Morality.

:: Dover Court Establishes State Materialism, by John H. Calvert, JD, BA (geology) (The Watchman, February 2006)

:: Should Public Schools Suppress Scientific Controversies over Core Claims of Evolution?, by John H. Calvert, JD, BA (geology) (Paper presented at the American Enterprise Institute forum on Intelligent Design, on October 21, 2005, Washington, D.C.)

:: ID for Dummies, (Two page pdf handout, August 11, 2006) 

:: Are we designs or occurrences?  Should science and government prejudge the question? , by John Calvert, (Whistleblower, August 2005) 

:: Teaching Origins Science in Public Schools: Memorandum and Opinion, by John H. Calvert, Esq. and William S. Harris, PhD (as to matters of science), dated March 21, 2001. Order copies at $8.00 at

:: The Key Deception, by John H. Calvert, JD, BA (geology), (Kansas City Star November 19, 2006)  For an explicit statement of the strategy of rhetoric, character assassination and misinformation click here for the internet post made by the Media and Public Relations officer of an organization that has led the attack on objectivity in origins science. 

:: Touring a Quagmire: Public Sex Education,  by John H. Calvert, JD, (Family Concerns: Bridging the Information Gap, (a publication of Concerned Women of America (2004-17 and 18, June 17 and June 24, 2004)

:: Transcript of the Video, Darwin's Dangerous Idea, (WGBH Educational Foundation 2000 and 2009)

For Teaching Resources and Suggestions for School Boards Click Here.

Memorandum from IDnet Managing Directors and Managers Responding to Resolution of the American Association for the Advancement of Science that seeks to Censor Intelligent Design - HTML version or PDF version

It is illegal for public schools to suppress the controversy, Remarks of John H. Calvert, Esq. at Darwin, Design & Democracy V: Science Converges on Design, University of New Mexico, September 25, 2004

:: Transcript of a Dialogue Between John Calvert, J.D., Managing Director of Intelligent Design network, inc. and Ray Vasvari, J.D., Legal Director of the ACLU of Ohio, as moderated by Walter Maripole, Host of the Civic Forum of the Air. on June 11, 2002, in Akron Ohio. Order copies at $5.00 at

:: The Rule.  A one act play about the trial of a biology teacher who seeks to teach origins science objectively. Order copies at $5.00 at  You may read The Rule by clicking on the Icon.  You may also print a copy for personal use for academic purposes, but not for production or redistribution.  If you wish to perform The Rule please call 913-268-0852 or send an email to where arrangements can be made for a royalty free license.

:: Unlocking the Mysteries of Life: The Scientific Case for Intelligent Design. Produced by Illustra Media, this recently released video features Michael Behe, Ph.D., William Dembski, Ph.D., Jonathan Wells, Ph.D., Stephen Meyer, Ph.D. and Scott Minnich, Ph.D. Order copies for $20.00@ at


:: Icons of Evolution: The Growing Scientific Controversy over Darwin.  Produced by ColdWater Media, LLC,.  This video explores what students are being taught about evolution and why the teaching does not mention the raging scientific controversy over darwinian evolution. Order copies for $20.00@ at

:: Denyse O'Leary, By Design or by Chance?: The Growing Controversy on the Origins of Life in the Universe (Augsburg Press, 2004)

A study guide for the book that provides curriculum materials may be obtained at 

:: Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design, Edited by William A. Dembski and James M. Kushiner, (Brazos Press, 2002).

:: Icons of Evolution: Why Much of What we Teach about Evolution is Wrong. Jonathan Wells, Ph.D., a cell and molecular biologist, with illustrations by Jody Sjogren, M.S., CMI (Certified Medical Illustrator).

:: The Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism, Phillip E. Johnson (Inter Varsity Press, 2000).

:: "I Was a TEENAGE DARWINIST,"  Woody Cozad's Dazzling One Man Show, Produced by Jack Cashill.  This is a video of Woody's performance at the National Symposium on Intelligent Design held in Kansas City on July 14, 2000. 

::  The Triumph of Design and the Demise of Darwin, Award winning documentary produced by Jack Cashill, Ph.D.

Additional Selected articles and publications of members of IDnet
See also publications listed on our Science Standards Page:

Remarks to the Kansas State Board, by John H. Calvert, Esq., May 11, 1999.

Remarks to the Kansas State Board, by William S. Harris, Ph.D.

Remarks to the Kansas State Board, John H. Calvert, J.D., September 12, 2000.

IDnet Letter to the Kansas State Board, dated September 12, 2000, in response to the remarks of Adrian Melott to the Board on September 12, 2000.

IDnet REBUTTAL TO: "INTELLIGENT DESIGN THE NEW STEALTH CREATIONISM:" "A PAPER BASED ON TALK TO BE GIVEN IN LAWRENCE, TOPEKA, AND WICHITA, KANSAS, SEPTEMBER 22, 25, 26 2000," by Victor J. Stenger Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii at the invitation of the Kansas Citizens for Science (1)

Remarks to the Kansas State Board of Education, Jody F. Sjogren, M.S., CMI, November 14, 2000


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